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Tax Tips for Education & Self Learning

The business world is changing faster and faster, and as technology improves, jobs which were once quite common have now become redundant and jobs that never existed 20 years ago are now quite common.

Due to these rapid changes, the importance of vocational education for individuals, and private education for families is now being recognised by the Government and the ATO.

This means you or your family may now be eligible for deductions or rebates for education related expenses.

Self Education Expenses

In order to make a claim for Self Education expenses, the course you take to obtain a formal qualification must be directly related to your work.

There are three main categories of expenses which you may claim against for self education;

  • The costs of Textbooks, Stationary, Course Fees, Student Union Fees, Public Transport Fares and Car Expenses.
  • The costs of depreciation of Assets used for Self Education, for example a car or a computer.
  • The costs for repairs to items used for self education expenses


Claiming rebates and deductions for educational expense can be quite complex, it is recommended you contact us so that we can show you how to claim exactly what you are eligible for, preferably well before your next tax return is due.

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