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Tax Rebate Tips

There are many rebates available to our clients. Here is a sample of just a few of those rebates our clients may be eligible for.

What is a Tax Rebate or a Tax Offset?

A Tax Rebate/Offset means the amount of tax you pay is reduced, e.g. once your tax obligations are calculated the tax rebate/offset is applied to the amount of tax you are eligible to pay. This differs from a Tax Deduction which is applied before your tax is calculated and which reduces the amount of income you can be taxed on.

Spouse Super Contribution Rebate

If a spouse has earned less than $10,800 dollars in the past financial year then the other spouse can contribute up to $3000 dollars into their spouses superannuation fund and receive a rebate up to $540 dollars.

Franking Tax Offset

Franking tax offsets can cover, or partly cover, the costs of tax payable on dividends. If the tax offset is higher than the tax payable on the dividends, the excess tax offset can be applied to cover part, or all, of any tax which may be payable on other taxable income received.

Zone Offset

This is now restricted to people who live in some regional and remote areas. Workers including fly in / fly out, and drive in / drive out are no longer eligible unless they live in the zone.

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